Tom Vincent

Born in 1991, Tom Vincent is a Melbourne based artist. With a background in street-art and graffiti, his present work channels these influences into the fine art canvas. In 2016, he attended Swinburne University Melbourne where he completed a Bachelor of Communication Design.

Vincent makes paintings that tap into a deep-seated awareness of the mathematical configurations of our existence. His imagery derives from the archetypal geometric form which underpins all natural and biological phenomena: the building block of life. It is this blueprint of existence – the mother of all shapes and symmetries that form our world and the universe we inhabit – that his work illuminates for the viewer.

Solo Exhibitions

2021 Introspection, Blockprojects Gallery, Melbourne.
2017 Holofractographic, NKN Gallery, Melbourne.
2016 Living Geometry, NKN Gallery, Melbourne
2013 Transition Period, with Jack Rowland, Rubicon ARI, Melbourne
        Toroidal Fields, Anna Pappas Gallery, Melbourne

Group Exhibitions:

2019 Paul Guest Collection, Bendigo Art Gallery, Bendigo.
        Spring 1883 Art Fair, Sydney.
        Canto, Blockprojects Gallery, Melbourne.
2018 Spring 1883 Art Fair, Melbourne
2017 Shades of Grey, Tacit Contemporary, Melbourne.
2015 Here & Now, NKN Gallery, Melbourne
        Stockroom Show, NKN Gallery, Melbourne
2014 Group Show, NKN Gallery, Melbourne
        Graft & Transplant, Blue Roof Museum, Cheng-Du, China
        Leap Year, Paradise Hills, Melbourne
2013 Colour In, Langford 120, Melbourne
        SPACE, The R&R, Los Angeles
         5 Year Retrospective, No Vacancy, Melbourne
2012 Think, Whitebox Gallery, Geelong
         Living in a Glasshouse (presented by amBUSH), Sydney
2011 Painting 11a, BSG, Melbourne
        Chatsworth Gallery, Melbourne
2009 InHaus Gallery, Melbourne
         Fit to Print, No Vacancy, Melbourne
        Sculpture Installation, Feiyue Shoe Co., No Vacancy, Melbourne


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