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Paints Studio is a design practice based in Melbourne, Australia. Caitlin & Tom joined forces in Melbourne after studying together at Swinburne University of Technology and working side by side on similar projects. We quickly realised we work better together than in competition and so Paints Studio was born, the result of an artist and a designer working hand in hand.

We have a combined passion for simple and clean aesthetics and the importance of the humble relationship between form and function. Through collaboration we reach unique outcomes for our clients, we love pushing our individual ideas into new unchartered territories to achieve
a truly unique aesthetic. 

We both hold a Bachelor's degree in Communication Design and have broad experiences in both print, web & communication strategies, with our projects ranging from branding & identity concept, publications & posters, web design & content, art direction, social media content, package design and exhibition design.

 Connect with us: @paintsstudio


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